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white guy eats foreign foods
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
  Send me food!
A viewer of White Guy Eats Foreign Foods, Tara, sent in a wonderful idea. My challenge is that my small town doesn't have much culinary diversity. Most of the cool sounding things that you've all suggested are not available around here.

So Tara has suggested that if you've got a suggestion for a food for me to try, send it to me :)

I am not too sure how this might work out for transporting through mail, etc...but If someone is game to give it a try, I'll try it. And I'll mention your name, website on the video.

If you are a foreign food company that would like to see your product on a White Guy Eats Foreign Foods video, send me what you've got and I'll give you my opinion of it...but be aware that I may not like it (I like almost everything) and will say so.

Follow the blogger profile link to the right to get my email address and drop me a note. I can give you the info you'll need to send me stuff.

Bribes won't sway my opinion but they are appreciated all the same and will be accepted anyway.
Anything on this site... not necessarily foreign I guess, but strange enough that the judges may let it go.

Odd food-related posts
Check out this torrent for a show called "50 things to eat before you die"

I can't attest to the quality of the show as I haven't downloaded/watched it, but it struck me as something perfect for this blog.
Thanks Chilligan, I'll check it out. This could be a perfect way to rejuvenate the blog since we'll have access to many foods soon.
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