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white guy eats foreign foods
Sunday, June 18, 2006
  White Guy Eats Foreign food on the road - Burritos

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The restaurant down the block and around the corner from Vloggercon (Swedish American Hall) looked a bit rough in the serving area, but once you got your food and settled way back at the end of the place it was (I can only imagine) like a bit of mexico. The tiles and pictures of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera we great. There were Diego's paintings on the walls.

I also enjoyed a bottle of Jarritos
The word jarrito means "little jug" in English and refers to the Mexican tradition of drinking water and other drinks in clay pottery jugs.

burrito A burrito usually consists of a meat such as beef, chicken, or pork as well as other ingredients such as rice, beans, and salsa. The ingredients are then wrapped in a large flour tortilla that has been lightly grilled (or sometimes steamed) to soften the tortilla and make it more pliable.

Burritos are the traditional food of Ciudad Juarez, a city in Northern Mexico, where you can buy them at restaurants and thousands of corner stands. In this border town there are eateries that have established their reputation after decades serving burritos. They are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usual ingredients include barbacoa, mole, winies (hot-dogs cooked in a tomato and chillies sauce), refried beans and cheese, deshebrada (shreded slow-cooked flank steak) and chile relleno. The deshebrada burrito also has a variation in chile colorado (mild to moderately hot) and salsa verde (very hot).

Burritos are commonly called tacos de harina (flour tacos) in Eastern Mexico and burritas (feminine, with 'a') in northern-style restaurants outside of Northern Mexico proper. A long and thin fried burrito similar to a chimichanga is prepared in Sonora, Mexico and vicinity and is called a chivichanga.

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What's next? Chef boyardee representing italian cuisine?
Hi Anon...if that's your real name :)

It's White Guy and Foreign foods. How else is an average white guy supposed to experience foreign foods?
Oh man, your blog is hilarious! I'm Taiwanese, and one of my favorite activities is introducing my friends to various Taiwanese foods. I saw your post on bubble tea and laughed my ass off.

The Chef Boy-ar-dee guy has a point, though. To get a fuller experience, you should try to hunt down authentic locations (maybe using foreign friends fresh off the boat). Luckily for you, you're just a 5-hour drive from Vancouver! Loooots of Taiwanese food there.

Here's my suggestion for you: stinky tofu. Swear to god, that's the name. It's the literal translation from the Taiwanese, which sounds something like "tsao-dao-hu" or the Chinese "tsoh-doh-fu". It's basically fermented tofu deep-fried. Glorious food, if you can stomach the stench. My white friends are split about 50-50 on the verdict.
Devlon, that burrito looked delicious. I just hope someday that I can find a vegetarian alternative to chorizo. What a beautiful and delicious invention that would be!
That buritto kicked my ass, it was so good.

Hm...veggie chorizo...I wonder how that could be concocted. I would be interesting. You could make millions :)
Pho is pronounced like duh but with a F in the front (FUH), not foe. FYI =)
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