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white guy eats foreign foods
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
  Long time no taste
It's been a long time since I posted here.

We had difficulties with our camera, with encoding, and with ideas for new foods to try out. We live in a small town in BC, Canada and while the foreign cuisine is not bad here there isn't a lot to choose from.

We've recently acquired a new camcorder that really makes it easy to capture video and a recent purchase of QuickTime Pro for windows takes care of the encoding issues. Now it's ideas that we need.

Feel free to leave a comment, email me or whatever. If you've got a foreign food that you'd like more people to know about, let me know and I'll see what I can do about giving it a try!

In June we'll be traveling to San Francisco for Vloggercon 2006. Hopefully this will give us some opportunities to try some new foods.
I don't know if this is where food suggestions are made, but I'll suggest stuff anyways. If I am correct, i can suggest any type of food?? Ok, try Haggis. Good luck.
Hi, this is a great place to suggest stuff. Ah, Haggis :)

I've been wanting to try that actually. And I think I might be able to find some around here.

hey there devlon ... just read your article on WIRED.

I have an asian background although ive been in US for a while now.

I watched food channel the other day and this guy has been eating a lot of nasty stuff like frogs and all, but when he tried one of our malaysian cuisine, the king of all fruits, he couldnt even last for more than a second.

This king of fruit is called "Durian". It's hard to find, but you could probably see it in an oriental store. It's a fruit the size of football (that's american football for you). It has thors all over it. Try it ... i love it a lot!!!

And we you already tasted durian, maybe you can try some of our asian delight called Tom Yam. It's originally a thai food, but people in malaysia has turned it into one of their own. It's more spicier and has more stuff in it than the thai ones.

And if you already got that down, maybe you can try "sambal udang" ... it's basically shrimp/prawns in a chilli stew and i dont mean american chilli. It's red hot chilli pepper grinded and fried with some lemon stick in it. Very good!!!
Hey Rinaz. Thanks for stopping by! And many thanks for more suggestions.

I think we may need to drive to the next largest town nearby to get some of those, but it's worth it :)

I'll add these suggestions to the sidebar.

We hope to post a new entry this weekend...
hi devlon,

try some filipino dishes if you haven't-- kare-kare (meat-based) and pinakbet (vegetable mix with coco milk).
for sweets puto (sticky rice) with mango or buko pandan (young coco meat with flavored jelly).
hope you like them.
Durian. Man, I had a durian milkshake once, and it's the only fruit I've ever had that reminded me (in both taste and smell) of meat.

My top-of-mind suggestions:
Sea cucumber;
Durian (I had to, you should too);
Duck tongue;
Chicken feet in bean sauce (this last one is a personal favorite).

this is my first time here, [I found the site through wired] but this is an awesome little thing youv'e got going on here. (: I have some recommendations - tamago gohan, which is steamed white rice with raw egg broken over it [make sure the rice is hot]. don't do it if your stomach's overly sensitive or you hate egg.

I'd recommend some japanense dried fish and stuff but that's probably hard to find.

have you thought of trying octopus? or squid? there's always lychee too [a fruit]. beef tongue if you haven't tried it - cooked or deli-style. there's also sembei, or rice crackers, which you might like. maybe plain boiled soybeans, if you haven't tried those. [I didn't see them in your archives, so I'm just throwing the idea out there.]
Hi Dela.

Those are some interesting choices :) I might have a hard time tracking those down, but maybe I can pick up some in Vancouver.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hey Chilligan.

Yeah, that durian is getting freakier to me the more I hear about it. I watched a videoblog where they ate some durian. Wierd stuff. I'd like to get some, but I don't think they have it in my little town, and if I were to transport it, sounds like I'd need a hazmat container.
Hi anon. Thanks for the kind words. Tamago gohan sounds pretty cool and easy to make.

Your other suggestions are fantastic, stuff I think I can get 'round here.

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