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white guy eats foreign foods
Monday, September 12, 2005

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Falafel (Arabic: فلافل or طعمية; Hebrew: פלאפל) is a fried ball or patty of spiced field beans or chickpeas, dating back to Biblical times and originating somewhere on the Indian subcontinent. Falafel is today eaten in India as well as in Pakistan and the Middle East. It is traditionally served with a yoghurt sauce, as a sandwich in pita bread, or as an appetizer.

Though its origin is uncertain, it is believed by some that it originally came from India, where it was made with spiced soured bread. The word "falafel" comes from the Arabic word فلفل (filfil), meaning pepper, and probably ultimately from Sanskrit pippalī. Falafel (at least the Middle Eastern style) is made from field beans, chick peas or any combination of the two. The Egyptian variation exclusively uses field beans, while other variations may exclusively use chick peas. What makes falafel different from many other bean patties is the beans are not cooked prior to use. Instead they are soaked, possibly skinned, then ground with other ingredients and deep fried.

Recent culinary trends have seen the triumph of the chickpea falafel over the field bean falafel. Chickpea falafels are served across the Middle East, and popularized by expatriates of those countries living abroad.

In Israel, falafel (along with the hummus) is sometimes referred to as "Israel's National Snack" (though some people claim it does not actually originate in Israel).
Elongated balls, huh? Sounds serious. Can you take medicine for that?

I think you are my long, lost twin borther, I, too, worked in a doughnut shop and used long sticks to flip the grease-sponged doughnuts. And we have the same dish pattern.

Come to Worcester, MA. We have some of the best falafels I have ever had right down the street from my office.
Hey Carl, thanks for stopping by again.

Brother from another mother maybe? If I ever make it down there, I'll be sure to stop by and taste the falafels
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"They look just like the the box... scary... "

Funny how we're so used to things NOT looking like they do on the box, or advert or picture in the restaurant...

nice history, too!
Looking forward to your menudo experience. You know what? Give me a heads up and maybe I can do menudo at the same time. I've never tried it myself...

Hi Clarke.

Yes, I was astounded to see the same thing that was represented on the box on my plate.

Menudo is the next thing I plan to test out...as soon as I figure out what it is :)

I'll let you know before I post it.
...Ok, I just found out.

Menudo=Tripe? Yummy.

The things I do for this site...
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Keep up the good work. Would love to see more posts.

white tea
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